March 25, 2011

Iron Man

Ok, let me just preface this post by saying that I married the most darling and adorable man and that if two sons were ever lucky enough to have an awesome dad, it's my boys. He's so super wicked, I love him.

Porter has been really into Iron Man lately - he constantly, and I mean constantly, walks around the house with his arms straight, his palms out "geeeow"-ing people. Neil thought it would be fun for him to actually have something to "geeeow" with. This was all Neil's idea, I can take no credit.

If you have a little man that loves Iron Man around your house maybe this is something you'd like to try, it's been a hit at our house!

I didn't realize how adorable this was going to be and didn't get my camera until they were well started. Neil went to the dollar store and bought a tiny pair of socks (he was looking for little gloves but it's the wrong season), those little press-on LED lights, and some velcro. Neil cut the toes of the socks off and made a little thumb hole. Then he attached velcro to both the LED lights and the little "gloves." (I can tell already I'll have to sew the velcro to the gloves though, it's not staying too well.) 

Waiting for the other hand! 

This is so exciting!

Dad is really concentrating, almost done.




  1. OH MY GOSH! I love porters excited face. And Neil's concentrating face, can mean trouble sometimes, but it's nice to see that it was put to good use here :)

  2. My son does that all the time too. We bought him the Iron Man helmet for Christmas, but they were sold out of the "gloves"...what a great idea!!!! maybe I'll have to make my son a pair too!!!

  3. Good to see such a tight bond!!! after a long time!!!

  4. To Neil:

    Neil you ROCK!! You are the best dad, obviously a wonderful husband and the greatest son-in-law!! Don't let your head swell (there are already too many big heads in that family!), but we love you tons!


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