March 28, 2011

long lost loves challenge #1

I have too much makeup. 

Yet I find myself reaching for the same products over and over again. I have enough eyeshadow I could wear something different every day from now until Thanksgiving but do you think I use them all? No, I stick to my few favorites and neglect the others. I've decided I'm going to put a stop to this inequality. At one point I loved those eyeshadows enough to purchase them so there's still got to be a special place for them in my heart somewhere right? I am challenging myself to reach for my long lost loves more often. I haven't structured this challenge with any kind of time frame or other criteria, nor is this a P10P where I won't allow myself any new purchases until I've used up products (I'm not ready for those drastic measures yet), it is just me committing to spread the love. I will take a FOTD photo with each and remind myself why I loved the product in the first place and hopefully inspire you to stay out of the beauty ruts we all get ourselves into!

Now I am feeling a little bad about today's FOTD because I realized both of these eyeshadows have been discontinued. But the fun thing about makeup is that you can recreate a look using the products you have.

MAC Graphology (discontinued) along lashline, angled up
MAC Vellum (discontinued) blended into Graphology and all over lid
MAC Blanc Type as highlight

with NYX Circe lipstick

I was going to crop these photos but didn't want to cut out those adorable little feets!!! :)

*Edit* I liked Laura's comment so I've added some swatches.

MAC Graphology and MAC Vellum

After using these shadows today I was reminded why I liked them but also why I don't use them a lot. I wouldn't consider either one to be the most versatile in my collection but they do look great together. Vellum is a sheer frost that pulls either blue or purple (and kinda pink even) and the matte dark blue (or is it purple?) of the Graphology looks great with it. I feel a little more limited with Graphology but I'm excited to see what other relationships I can create for Vellum. 

I'd say my first LLLC is a success.


  1. I love this idea but I think you should show us pictures of the products so we can see what you used and re-create it with stuff from our own stash.

  2. I agree Laura! I'll get on that. :)

  3. I love the combination of these two colors! It looks almost like a more cool toned version of Stars & Rockets!

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Graphologly is awesome, I love how it's purple but super dark and charcoaly.

  5. Love the eyeshadow but those feet are too cute and steal the show!


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