April 26, 2011

aaaaaaand we're back

Ok, by a show of hands who thought I crashed and died on the way to Saskatoon?!

Well guess what?

I didn't!

We just got our internet hooked up today - yeah, a week after we got here. I had an appointment for the day after we arrived to get our services from Shaw but when Neil called SaskTel and found the same thing (but better - why hello there you cute little PVR, you!!) for almost $60 cheaper, I was happy to wait a week for them to hook it up. So here I am, miss me?

I have a few exciting things to blog about but I have to first tell you something sad. Just days before we left our camera died. Like died, dead. Soooooo I'm not really sure what to do until we go purchase a new one, which will be who-knows-when as my husband loves to research these things out, hum and haw over them, go visit them all a few times and then purchase something. I guess it's like me going lipstick shopping so I can cut him some slack. He has less than no time right now for that kind of business so I guess in the mean time I'll be using my iphone. Yippee. Phone pictures.

Come back and I'll tell you all about our awesome apartments, the great location, some new products I am loving, a few long lost loves and maybe a giveaway!! 

Nice to see you again. :)


  1. Oh, Meech, I have missed you so much--it was like de ja vu (sp?) when you went to China and I would wait and wait and wait to hear from you. Please write me an e-mail (I sent you one by the way) and tell me how you are! Love all of you Forsyths!

  2. I'm raising my hand!!!! Good to hear you're still alive and having a great time!!!

  3. haha, the description of how your husband shops for things hit a little close to home!


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