April 13, 2011

don't eat Pete!

I'm sure my friends Jennifer and Laura will remember playing this game (and if you don't shame on you!) The other day as both my boys were squawking and I had just about had enough I remembered this fun little game and got everything out to make one up to occupy them for a while. It's all very simple and really fun. (Neil and I used to play it when we were dating... haa!)

You start by making a little grid. You can draw your own pictures as I did, or use stickers or stamps. (And if you google "don't eat Pete" you can print some really cute pre-made grids.) You can also make the grid as small or as big as you want, I made mine a little smaller because there's treats involved and well, I'm not gonna lie, it was right before dinner.

After you have your grid made you place a candy on each square. 

This is going to be awesome!

Now you go first by picking a "Pete." You think of a square in your head (so pick a shape or a sticker or whatever) but don't tell the other person. (If you're playing with more than one person send him out of the room so the group can pick the square together.) The other person starts eating the candy from any square one at a time until they get to your Pete and then you yell, "DON'T EAT PETE!!!" and they have to stop eating treats. Now you refill the grid and it's their turn to pick a Pete and you get to eat treats! (See why this is so awesome?) It's fun because sometimes you'll get to eat the whole grid before getting "caught" and sometimes you only get one in your mouth before they yell "don't eat Pete!"

It was fun playing with Porter today because the Pete he picked was always the Pete I had just used for him on his turn. Kinda like when we play hide and seek and he always hides wherever he just found me! Haha!

We had to switch out the jujubes for M & M's part way through, that was a lot of chewing!

I hope you'll try this with your kids and if you want you can substitute Cheerios or Goldfish or something less candy-ish. But why would you?!  :)


  1. Cute! I forgot all about Don't eat Pete. I will for sure introduce my kids to it.

  2. I want to play "Don't Eat Pete" with you guys! Can you have it all ready when I come to visit in Saskatoon!??! (By the way y favorite treat is Peanut M & M's). Michelle you are such an awesoome Mom. Those two little boys are so lucky to have to great parents! Love you baby girl!

  3. We play don't eat pete for FHE almost every week!! My kids love it!! I drew faces on my grid, but I like the shapes idea too!! Cute!!

  4. Our power was out this afternoon and I played this with Talan and he LOVED it! So much fun. We do this at birthday parties but call it taboo. He thinks he is funny now because every time I'm about to eat something and he wants to eat it he yells out " don't eat Pete"!


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