April 12, 2011

NYX at Ulta

Unfortunately, actually maybe fortunately when I think about my bank account, we don't have Ulta in Canada. I have read so much about these amazing trips to Ulta girls are taking and I was getting pouty that I wasn't able to experience it. As soon as we hit Arizona I looked one up and planned a trip there, specifically to purchase my Naked palette. It was as amazing as I envisioned! One of the brands I really wanted to check out was NYX. There is only one small NYX display in my local Save On Foods and other than that this line is difficult to find here. I have a few NXY products I've purchased online and for the most part have really liked them, especially their lipsticks.

The Ulta gods smiled upon my first visit there and all NYX products were buy one get one 50% off! I purchased these 4 lipsticks and love each and every one of them.

L-R Indian Pink, Rose Bud, Galaxy, Summer Love

L-R Indian Pink, Rose Bud, Galaxy, Summer Love

These colors are looking really frosty in the swatch photo but except for Galaxy which is a frosty beige, I would say they really aren't. Indian Pink is an adorable pinky coral, Rose Bud is a bright pink with gold flecks and Summer Love is a nice nude, a bit more pink than my numero uno nude lippy MAC's Creme d' Nude. I really love the formula of NYX lipsticks. First of all they don't have that nasty plastic lipstick smell/taste, and they last forever on me. They also don't transfer or shift (case in point: the other day I kissed Neil and he said "wow, what are you wearing, I don't mind that at all!" as he usually complains about the waxy or sticky consistency of my kisses.) They have a huge selection (like seriously, how's a girl to choose?!) and they are affordable ($3.99 at Ulta - I believe $5.99 here at Save On Foods.)

There were probably a dozen other things I could have easily picked up at Ulta but for once my self control kicked in and I walked away. I am just glad I can finally say I've had my first Ulta experience... and there will definitely be more!

Have you tried any NYX products?

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