April 28, 2011

those darn samples

Places like Sephora and The Bay hand out samples for one main reason - in hopes that you'll like the product and come back and purchase it. Well it works! On me anyway. I recently noticed the products I have bought (or plan to buy) because I tried a sample first and realized I'm. A. Sucker.

As I mentioned I don't have a working camera right now so this post is text only (boring, I know) so I'll link to a website for the product so you can see what I'm referring to. Here is a list of products I sampled and fell in love with - gawl, they get me every time!

We had a sales associate from Dior come to the makeup course I took last year and this was my favorite of the many Dior samples she gave us. It's a very feminine scent, I feel like such a fox when I wear it. I'm still savoring the last drops of my sample but I will definitely be purchasing a bottle when I am out.

I did a post about these products already but I have to tell you I am so pleased with my purchase! My hair has never been in better condition, let me just tell you that. When used in conjunction with my Moroccan Oil my hair feels strong yet soft and looks shiny and healthy, although it needs a trim right now. Aaand I love the tingle from the menthol in the conditioner, love it.

I wasn't familiar with this line until I found lisalisad1 reviewing some of their products. She raved about this gloss and so on my next trip to Sephora I sought it out for a swatch. The kind SA asked if I'd like a sample to take home as there was barely enough left in the tube for just that. I've used it a couple times now and probably have enough for one more application but I'm really contemplating shelling out the high price for one lipgloss! It's such a great formula, very soft and smooth and not sticky at all. I don't love it at first but after it's been on my lips for a few minutes it settles into a beautiful pink/gold shade. I apply it quite thin as too much looks very va va voom but a sheer stroke over the lips looks amazing.

The Sephora SA helping me with the Fortune lipgloss asked if I had tried the Illusion tinted moisturizer and since I was am  on the hunt for my HG foundation I told her I'd love to try a sample. I was in for a treat! I know some girls don't like it because it does have a slight shimmer to it but when I say it's minimal I mean it's not even worth  mentioning. I didn't realize there was any actual shimmer to it until I read a review saying there was, all I noticed is the beautiful glow it left on my skin. It applies almost like a mousse, very fluffy and creamy, and a little goes a long way. It's a beautiful product.

We have all read review after review about these MUFE foundations so I couldn't leave them out of my hunt for "the one" foundation. I am happy with both of these foundations quite honestly and as I alternate between both of these samples I can't decide which I like better, if either. I am leaning to the HD as I like the coverage, however I love the finish of the Mat Velvet +. See, I just really can't decide.

Have you made any purchases because you fell in love with a sample first?

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  1. I sometimes buy things at Costco after I sample them, not too often though. On a different note, there are SO many different beauty products and everyone seems to have their favorite, its so hard to decide what to try and if its worth the extra money or not. Hmmm, maybe I just shouldn't wear any makeup at all and that would solve my problem :) And of course each person likes this or that better because everyone has different skin and tone etc. etc. so you just have to find what works and looks good on you right? I enjoy seeing what you recommend.


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