May 5, 2011

showing Vex some love

As I said our camera passed away before we left, so when I found these photos I forgot to post a while back I decided to throw them up now as my posts have all been pretty wordy lately.

When I get asked what my favorite MAC eyeshadow is I can never give a final answer. I usually end up giving a list of about 6 and then another 12 honorable mentions. One that definitely makes the top of the list every time is Vex. It is just such a fun and unique color that is easy to wear and to pair with other colors. The MAC website calls it beige, with pink/green pearl and it shows as a beautiful shimmery iridescent color. It's a versatile color that compliments many shades, I wear it with purples and pinks, greens or brown and darker greys or black. Really, I wear Vex with everything. One of my favorite combinations is Vex with Sketch - a dark purple, burgundy color. I love how they compliment each other and how the Sketch pulls out the pink in the Vex.  Anyway, here's a FOTD with Vex, Sketch and a little Smut to darken the outer V.

Oh, and a pretty sweet hair-do too.

If you are new to MAC eyeshadows Vex may be a great place to start. It is unique, has awesome color pay off and looks great on everyone.

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