May 4, 2011

a better attitude

Yesterday was a crappy day. I can't help but feel that after my gripe-y post yesterday that negativity breeds negativity so TODAY I'm going to say all the things I'm super grateful for and then I have no choice but to have an awesome day! :)

  • First of all obviously, my kids. Right now I'm listening to them play in their room together and I can hear Porter making Rigby giggle. I don't know what other sound warms my heart so much. All the frustration of them being little turkeys is whisked away when Porter hugs my leg, looks up and says "I love you momma!" or when Rigby wrinkles his nose and leans in to give me a big open mouth kiss. 
  • Good friends. Part of what makes this job so fun is the people you get to spend your summers with. I love being surrounded by the other wives, spending our days being widows together. I am grateful for the good friends I have at home too. So many of them write and call and ask how we're doing, it's nice to not be forgotten! 
  • My bed. I know it sounds trivial but when you are away from home you just want to have somewhere comfortable and familiar. We always bring all our own bedding and try to make things as homey as possible. This morning I made Porter come snuggle me in bed and it still felt like home. 
  • Skype and FaceTime. I always appreciate being able to see people and talk face to face. 
  • A long hallway for Porter to ride his bike down. We prop open our door and he spends a lot of his day riding his bike up and down the hall outside. It's awesome he can ride his bike while I can get other things done.
  • My super awesome husband. He is working so hard and I'm really proud of him. He is incredibly busy and has a lot on his plate yet he always asks about my day and how I'm doing and finds a way in the day to make me feel special. Gawl, he's great. 
That's better. 

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