May 3, 2011

stuff that drives me bananas

  • Rigby, at every meal. Ok, not Rigby himself but the fact that I have to sweep and spot mop after every time the child eats. He gets more on the floor than he does in his mouth. I'll be glad when this stage is over. 
  • When Porter is in the bathroom taking care of #2 and he says he's done and ready for me to come in and wipe - just to have me wipe him and then tell me he's actually not done and needs to go some more. This can happen up to 3 times per poop so now I just leave him for a good few minutes whether he says he's done or not. I don't really want to wipe his bum one time, let alone 3! 
  • When it's windy and my hair gets stuck in my lipgloss. 
  • Coin laundry. This is my first experience with it and dude, it's a pain in the rear.
  • When my nail polish chips prematurely. I'm not really a big nail polish-er cause sometimes I feel like you don't get enough back for the effort you have to put in.
  • The hot water that comes out of the taps here. I mean I appreciate hot water but this is scalding, right from the faucet! I am having to be really careful. 
 Ah there, I feel better having that off my chest. 

Anything got your goat lately?!

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    1. 1-When *a* was at that stage, I started putting a section of vinyl tablecloth under her chair. It's a LOT easier to clean, even when using a coin laundry.

      3-CoverGirl NatureLuxe. Got some free as a BzzAgent, and I LOATHE lip gloss. This stuff is awesome, and passed the hair sticky test. Seriously.

      4-Those tubes of mini M&M's are GREAT quarter holders.

      5-Shellac manicures. $30+ but they last forever with no chips. It's seriously worth every penny.

      I'm just full of helpful advice today. :)


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