June 27, 2011

I want plastic surgery

Ok well it's not quite how it sounds. Here's a bit of a story:

I have briefly mentioned here before that when I was a kid I was bit in the face by a neighbor's dog. I was in the ER for 2 hours while the doctor stitched my face with 37 stitches. I was told at the time there was a good possibility I would need some kind of plastic surgery when I was older. The scars healed well enough that I never did have to have any kind of cosmetic work done and other than slight scarring and one nostril that is smaller than the other, there are no other reminders of that accident.


When the dog bit my face he must have actually bit some flesh off leaving the doctor to stitch what was left of the nostril back to my face, making it quite a bit smaller than it had been before. Other than looking like a plug-in-face (ha. ha.) this has actually left me with some difficulty breathing. I notice it mostly when I have a cold or am already stuffed up AND every night when I'm falling asleep. It wasn't until about 3 years ago that I realized that every night I subconsciously lay with my hand or finger against my cheek, holding that nostril open, opening the airway . Once I realized I was doing it I noticed it really was something I did every single night.


You better believe I took a photo to show you just what I mean. Oh yes. I did.

See? I really did!

I tried those Breathe Right strips and they do help but I don't have a life time supply of them. (Hey there Breathe Right people?!?) Anyway, it got me thinking - I know people who have plastic surgery for other 'medical' reasons - breast reductions, various rhinoplasty procedures and so on. I am wondering if I am a candidate of such reconstruction. It's not that I am just dying to go under the knife for a nose job but really if this is something that could be corrected I would be interested. I don't mind that I am facially asymmetrical but not being able to breathe properly from one nostril is actually rather unpleasant.

I think I'll take it up with my doctor when I next see him. I'm interested in hearing his opinion on if it's something worth fixing, or if the ordeal of a nose job is worse than just holding my nose open while I sleep.

What's your opinion on the idea?


  1. AnonymousJune 27, 2011

    Meech why didn't you ever tell me this before? This happened when you were seven years old and I am only finding out that you have had a breathing problem NOW??? I feel like a neglectful mother. I thought you healed up so beautifully and didn't realize that incident had left you with an awful problem. I would have taken you to every doctor in Alberta if to get it fixed if I had known. Heap on the guilt!!! I am sooooo sorry!

  2. I'm so sorry you were attacked by a dog! I had the same experience last summer, and though I wasn't bitten in the face I still have a few very substantial scars on my arm and leg.

    I also potentially need a rhinoplasty, but not because I had trauma in my nose as a child. I have a deviated septum as well as an oddly formed nasal bone that only makes it more difficult to breathe when my year round allergies kick in to high gear. I chose not to do it because even the slightest rhinoplasty (in my case at least) would require the nose being broken and completely reconstructed ... and at least for me I'd much rather have a bit of difficulty breathing through my nose at times than risk losing the nose I quite like.

    I'm actually in favor of plastic surgery, it's just a case of weighing the pros and cons. And for me the cons outweigh the pros.

    Just my two cents :)
    ♥ Jessica

  3. my friend went over her bicycle handle bars while she was young (maybe 7?) and recently had rhinoplasty to correct the damage. Even though it probably was like 15 years before, she got it done for FREE because it was a medical problem. I'd say look into it.

  4. Sorry to hear that happened to you, but if you feel for the right reason in your heart to do it then do what you feel, it isn't like your doing it for someone else or just cuz there's reasons behind it. I was in a back car accident and my face hit the windshield so I can sure see your point. Some times people want surgery for away they look witch does need to be concider for exsample I know this girl whoes teeth all of them litterly pointed out side ways they didn't grow like normaly they grow like spikes all of her teeth. It was horrible how it made her look but then how people treated her, not to mention even though her teeth grow that way she had major issues trying to talk ect ect.. She couldn't get no one to hire her for nothing in the world. Some told it on the news and someone paid for her to get by now was major surgery to fix it cause her teeth couldn't be pulled out like normal teeth.Just to mention how things from all sorts of reason can be why someone wants surgery .I'm behinde you...

  5. I say it doesn't hurt to look into it!Health care would probably cover it because it is a problem. And if the pros outweigh the cons, why not!


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