July 14, 2011

things I've been loving lately

Because it's been a while since I posted last I kinda feel the need to do an update or explain my absence or something. I think it speaks for itself when I just say we've been enjoying the amazing summer weather and have been outdoors as much as possible! Instead of an update I'm just going to write a little list of things I've been loving lately and hopefully that will give you an insight as to what I've been up to

  • The weather! This has honestly been one of the most beautiful summers I've had in a long time. The weather has been amazing and I can't get over how many parks, spray parks, pools and places to be outside there are in Saskatoon! We go out almost every afternoon to spend time in the sun. My boys are loving it and so am I. 
  • Lipliner. I've never really been into it and actually tend to shy away from the "done" look it gives but after watching Kandee use it so much, and look so darn cute doing it, I've been trying it more and am actually enjoying it. I've only got 2 lipliners - both from inexpensive drugstore brand Annabelle: a pinkish one - Demure, and a nude/brown one - Havane. I am impressed with the quality and I feel that for now they are meeting my lip-lining needs.

  • MAC Cream Colour Base in Hush. I am in LOVE with this product. It creates the absolute most beautiful dewy glow. I use it on the top of my cheekbones and down the bridge of my nose as a highlight and I love the way it looks. It is so easy to use and lasts all day. Some days I use a little more and apply my blush right over the top. It makes the blush more dewy and last longer. It's just a great product and for now my other highlighters are going completely unloved. 

  • Del Monte Fruit Twist fruit snacks. My boys have been loving these this summer. They are made from 100% fruit but Porter thinks he's eating a licorice. There's only 2 in each little pouch but that's one for each of my boys! They are super easy to throw in my bag and for a box of 6 pouches the price tag of under $1.50 is completely reasonable. 
    • Rotisserie Chicken. I am loving those things this summer! The first day we just eat the meat with some vegetables and a salad, the next day I make sandwiches (or this week I made a chicken salad and put it on croissants!) and the third day I pick the bones clean and make chicken and Stove Top casserole. That's a lot of meals from a $7 chicken!
    What have been some of your summer favorites?


    1. I am loving that you finally posted! I check almost everyday to see if you have written anything! So today I am very happy to see you here. And I am glad that YOUR summer is full of wonderful great weather. You could pass some over here--since this is one of the worst summer on recorded history of COLDNESS and RAIN RAIN and MORE RAIN. So enjoy the sun for me! :O(

    2. AnonymousJuly 15, 2011

      Ditto to all of what was said by This Thrifty House!!!


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