June 2, 2011

today's inspiration

I watched this tutorial from Alex this morning and liked the simplicity of what she did. Plus isn't she just adorable?

(Oh yeah, it's long. I watched it in installments, haaha!)

Because I didn't already have an idea of how I wanted to do my hair and makeup today I decided to give her glowy summertime look a go! I don't have all the same items she used (like extensions for one, how fun do they look?) but with my own similar products I recreated the look on myself. I think watching a video or seeing a photo and trying it out on yourself is fun and you can learn a lot. Here's my version - but I'm no Alex!

Please excuse the crappy phone picture

Find a look you like and try it out, what have you got to lose?!


  1. You look SO gorgeous! So happy you have the time to post again :)

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I missed this post some how. She is so cute!! Now I need a humongous curling iron and extensions--and a new head of hair that will work as cute as hers--and yours!!


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