June 1, 2011

the TV sold me

I like to think I'm not a really easy sale (I'm sure I am) but I've seen TWO infomercials this week and am convinced I need these 2 things.

We've also seen the Baby Bullet infomercial a few times this week, *cue Porter: "See, listen to the lady - we need the baby bullet!"* but already owning the Magic Bullet I feel it would be redundant. However, I own nothing like the contraptions above! You really must take a few minutes to go and watch the little videos if you haven't seen them before. I'm honestly considering placing an order. Does anyone have either of these inventions?


  1. Well if you give in and buy the Gyro bowl I want the free one!

  2. Um, I think I NEED both of those.

  3. Ooohh, that gyro bowl looks awesome! If you get one let me know how it works! Jason is a sucker for informercials (spelling?) and loves to watch them. Haha, I bought a a Haan Steam mop after watching the commercial a million times and I LOVE it!

  4. that gyro bowl does look amazing. I should never ever EVER watch infomercials because I always get sold. Recently whatever tv show I was watching ended and because I was running around with the kiddos, I just left it on and an infomercial came on and I totally bought it. It was for the top styler c shells. I am such a sucker but believe it or not I love the product, lol! So about that gyro bowl, if I bought it-I really would just be helping myself by having less mess to clean up and with my boys starting to eat the cheerio type messy snacks, I really do need it don't I?


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