August 6, 2011

exposing myself

Well now that sounds racy doesn't it? Ahem. While waiting for Neil to get home at night, I used to do things like this fairly often: little survey/questionnaires. Some of them I came across and I'm willing to admit, I'm lame enough to make some of them up myself. This is one I kinda came up with and have been thinking about for a few days.

We have all seen the statuses on facebook that ask you to describe someone using a letter from your (or their) name. I thought why not use all the letters in your own name to describe yourself. I thought it would be fun to use the letters in my first name to list some of the things I like about myself and then use the letters again to list some of the things I, well, am not so fond of.

Let's start with the positive:
M - Mindful. I try to be friendly and like to include everyone. I am mindful of other people's feelings and do my best to make people feel wanted and liked. I sincerely care how other people feel. 

I -Inappropriate. This is a super weird word to use as something you like about yourself but I've said it before and I'll say it again, I get a kick out of saying things that just shouldn't be said.

C - Clever. All I want is to be funny. I ask Neil all the time if he thinks I'm funny. If I'm the only one I make laugh, at least that's one person.

H - Husband. All cheesiness aside and in all honesty, he's the thing I like about me the very best.

E - Easy to talk to. I know I talk too much when I should just be listening but even still I think I am a good listener and am someone people come to. I love giving advice or just reassuring someone they are not the only one in that position and that somebody relates.

L - Loyal. I like to think I am a loyal friend. The great majority of the close friends I have right now are friends I've had for 10+ years.

L - Likeable. I mean, I'd be my friend.

E -Expressive. Whether it's with my hair or makeup or clothes I feel like I'm not afraid to do what I want, or do something different. So often I am told, "I would never wear that but you can pull it off!" I appreciate that.

And on to the ugly:
M - Mull Over. I obsess and agonize over decisions I have made or things I have said even though I can't go back and change them. I mull over things until I somehow manage to feel better about it all or until Neil just tells me, "It's done, it's over, move on!!!"

I - Indecisive. If you have ever been shopping with me, or stood by my side as I've made a decision about a color or an outfit or something completely INSIGNIFICANT you will know I treat every decision like it's the biggest one of my life. It's painful.

C - Critical. I try not to be critical of how other people do things as I know I am opinionated and think I am right most of the time. But, it's just that.... I'm right!

H - Hasty. (I wanted to use 'Impatient' but the 'I' was already taken.) But I really am. When I make up my mind about something it has to be NOW. I'm just not a gal that likes to wait for stuff.

E - Easily Irritated. (That counts for 'E' right?) It's not over major things but I feel like I do have a lot of little pet peeves. Are you seriously chewing like that?

L - Loquacious. I seriously am, I talk far too much. I think I explain too much, describe too much, and never leave any detail out. I walk away thinking, "Neil could have said that so much better." I'm learning that it's ok to let some things go unsaid.

L - Lively. Not at all the word I was looking for but it was the only L word under 'anxious' in the thesaurus. I don't think that I'm completely high strung but I do notice that it doesn't really take a lot to get me a little unsettled. I like my own schedule, I like quiet, I like clean, and when I get out of those comforts I do get some ants in my pants.

E - Excessive. You would know what I mean if you looked at my makeup collection or my closet. Once I find something I like I tend to indulge. I have a large collection of some things - Shade shirts, MAC eyeshadows, cardigans, cute flats. When I know I like something I go overboard. It's not necessary.

Well, if you know me well I think this is actually a pretty accurate account of my inner workings. Scary! It was fun to do although sometimes challenging to find a word to fit. If you make a list too, let me know!


  1. I want to make a list, but you'll have to wait awhile, I am about 6 posts behind. I'm starting to think the summer is going to disappear before I get around to posting about all the fun stuff we have done.

  2. You ARE SO CUTE!! It is SO crazy scary how much we are alike. I could have written almost every single one of those about myself (accept for the indulging in Mac makeup and such--my makeup box is pitiful compared to yours). And that is why one of the many reasons that I love you--cause you understand me so well! Luv yoU!

  3. Oh and except for the inapropriate comments--you got that one all on your own!


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