August 3, 2011

false eyelashes and cute boys

I rarely apply false eyelashes to myself. I think it's because it adds a little extra time to my already rushed makeup routine and also because, right or wrong, I feel like false eyelashes are reserved for special occasions. The other day I tossed those reasons aside and decided to apply some for the fun of it - who doesn't go picking Saskatoon berries in a full face of makeup? I used my Ardell Individual lashes in medium black and applied about 4 lashes to the outer corner of each eye. Using individual lashes adds length and fullness without giving a really noticeable, dramatic look. Despite my personal tendency to reserve false lashes for special occasions I think this look is something I could do more frequently, especially for berry picking. Ha!

 I liked the look and I like that while I received a few compliments not once was I asked if I had false eyelashes on. I think it's a natural way to add a little extra va-va-voom to your look without going over the top. I will definitely be giving false eyelashes a little more attention for more every day wear.

How do you feel about falsies, ever tried them? You can purchase many different styles at your local Wal Mart and there are tons of application tutorials on YouTube. Nothing to be afraid of, give it a try!

And because I can't take a picture of myself without my boys squeezing into the frame I decided to post a few of these cutie pies too. We were eating little breath mints and the expression here on Rigby's face is hilarious.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Oh!! They are soo beautiful! YOU are so beautiful! I will have to try falsies sometime..I've always wanted to.
    And what adorable boys! :)

  2. What adroable pictures. You are all beautiful--false or not!!!
    I love it when you post pictures. Please do so more often!!!


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