August 17, 2011

kids bowl free

I am a little late in the game here but I just had to share this even though we are seriously running out of time. Perhaps many of you already know about this program but I just recently heard about it and took advantage of it for the first time today.

There are bowling alleys all over North America participating in a summer program where kids bowl for free. I'll let you read all the details on their website but I'll just tell you it was so easy! Visit their website, find a location near you, register with your information and they will email you coupons for free bowling. Print your coupons off and go bowling!

If you want to bowl with your kids they have a rate for parents and older family members to get a good deal on games as well.

It was so easy, so fast and so free. So awesome!

Visit the website here.

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  1. This is an awesome program. We have done it a few times this year. At the beginning I went overboard & purchased the family pass & the shoe rental passes thinking we would go more than we did. Then I found out later that our bowling alley does $1 shoe rentals on Thursdays. Next year I will be smarter and only do the free passes for the kids (It's way too hard for me to bowl & watch them at the same time anyway)and go on $1 rental day! Have fun bowling with your boys, they will love it.


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