August 16, 2011

my Saskatoon summer

It is hard for me to believe that this time next week I will be packing up this dingy little apartment, getting ready to head home. It really has been a fantastic summer. Like all summers (and falls and winters and springs...) before it, it has had it's ups and downs. I feel like this summer has been a learning experience in areas that were necessary and will provide us with a better future. I don't mean that to be cryptic but want to say that sometimes the hardest things we go through are the things that open our eyes and inspire us to make the changes we need. It has been an insightful 4 months.
  • Home is where your heart is. Cliche, but true. We are living in a sick nast-ay apartment but once we made it ours, we have been very happy here. It's not where you are, but who you are with that makes a home, even if it grosses you out to wear bare feet on your carpet. When I went home to my cute little house for a week, I would have rather been back in these dingy apartments because that's where Neil was. I don't need a beautiful home, I need my family.
  • Just because you have the potential to make a lot of money doesn't mean you already have.
  • I have an ugly side. And I don't mean my personality, although that's probably true too. I've been doing a lot of Skype and Face Time this summer and so I've seen my mug in that little box a lot. I really do have an ugly side: the right side of my face has a less defined cheekbone than the other, that eye is smaller, the skin isn't as nice and my jaw is more narrow. I guess the left side of my face is really holding things together for me here!
  • I am a good momma. I'm not the best by any means - my meals are drab and half the time my boys are half-dressed with grime all over their faces, but I love them and I'm the best momma for them. Summers are busy and we don't see a lot of Neil so every lunch and dinner, outing, bath time and bedtime is done by me. It gives me confidence as a mom that I can care for my kids and meet their needs.
  • I love this job. I know a lot of people don't understand this job and think we sacrifice far too much to do it. What we gain from this job is worth much more than what we give up, and I'm not talking about money. I wish you could see the ways my husband has to stretch and grow and the way we come together as a family. We rely on each other and on the Lord to get us through the best and worst 4 months of the year. This job has been nothing but a blessing to us.
Anyway, I've loved Saskatoon a lot more than I thought I was going to - the city is beautiful, and we have found enough pools, spray parks, paddling pools and parks to keep us busy for days! We have found success in work and success in family and friends. It's always kinda bitter sweet when another summer ends. In a few short days, I guess - that's a wrap!


  1. I love your honest and positive outlook on life. Family and friends are the most important things in life. No matter how much money one makes, at the end of the day, you need to be happy and surround yourself with those who care and love about you. I'm sure your husband and children are blessed to have a wonderful wife/mom like you.

  2. I'm so glad to hear that you guys had a great summer. I agree--most people who do not do this job just don't understand how much of a great experience this job provides. I'm so grateful for the people we've met, the experiences we have had, the amazing places we have visited and how close our little family has grown since we have been doing summer sales. It will be weird once we have what other people call "a real job." Haha. If they only knew....

  3. I'm not sure why this post made me cry! lol. It's been an interesting summer that's for sure. I will miss you girls like crazy!

  4. Oh how I love all your posts! And just as a correction (and I know--because I have looked at your mug many a time on skype and Face Time this summer and everyone else who has will agree with me)...YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY UGLY SIDE!!! Inside or out. So there.

  5. I agree with Sharon--there is no ugly side to you! And I want to tell you how proud of you I am. It is so great that you have learned these lessons early in your life--some people never learn them. I had the lesson about home being where your family is over and over again when we first moved to Magrath and lived in two very awful places. Once you clean it, put your things in it and put your family in it, it is HOME!! I love you, Meech! Your blogs show me how mature you are and once again I'm so proud of you!!


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