October 27, 2011

our humble abode

Over 4 years ago we purchased this little duplex with Neil's brother and his wife. We live in one side and they live in the other. (Awwww.)  When we first bought the house we developed the unfinished basement and completely renovated the upstairs. It's an old home but the inside is pretty adorable. The outside has been completely neglected and with us going away every summer it makes it a little difficult to do much landscaping or updating to the exterior.

This fall we decided that the time had come to finally give the outside the improvement it's been needing. We picked (and re-picked) paint colors and got to work. We used a sprayer and the job went relatively quickly and easily. With the onset of colder weather we still have yet to do the second coat and trim work but I think now it's going to have to wait till spring, but at least it's getting there!

 Here is the before:

and here is the after:
(You can see the 2 tone parging and what I meant about "re-picking" colors. We'll fix that.)

and here are our paint speckled faces! 

Happy house-painting!


  1. YAY for pictures!!! It looks awesome!! I LOVE it!!! And how is it that you can look so adorable covered in paint?!

  2. I was pretty much word for word going to write what Sharon said! haha. ditto to Sharon.


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