October 31, 2011

surprise weekend away

My thoughtful husband decided I could use a break after our stressful summer and September-spent-apart. He was right. He booked us in at a little condo at one of our favorite spots, Radium Hot Springs. We spent our honeymoon and first anniversary in Radium and we love to go back. He told me Tuesday night about his surprise, giving us just enough time to pack up Wednesday and leave first thing Thursday morning. He is seriously a gem.

On our way to Radium, a stop at Norbury Lake.

I didn't take a single picture (boooo!) but our first night we drove to Canmore (sharing the highway with every deer and elk and mountain sheep in the area..... my nerves!!) to meet Colin and Cynthia to see Cuff the Duke play. It was fun to meet up with them and to enjoy the show together. Cuff the Duke is incredible and sharing the evening with Colin and Cyn was awesome. (Expect a CtD post soon.)

The next morning we got up and went to Lussier Hot Springs - a natural and undeveloped hot spring where you just plunk yourself right down in the rocks with the river rushing behind you. It was absolutely amazing. 

All bundled up after a dip in the springs. It was not a warm day.

Our condo was beautiful with a fully equipped kitchen. I made us a (round) pan of brownies for a movie treat.

Neil built us a fire each night. It was warm. And romantic. 
(I forgot my slippers so I wore Neil's flip flops around... classy.)

 Neil was on breakfast duty. He makes some mean eggs. It's true.

We spent the better part of the next day and evening at the Radium Hot Springs. It's pretty beautiful nestled right in on the side of the mountain.

After we checked out of our condo we did a little sight seeing and exploring of the town. It's a beautiful part of the country.

Thanks to my babe for letting me be "Michelle" instead of "Mom" for just a few days. :)


  1. So cute, I love you guys. I also love that you brought two bathing suits. Classic.

  2. Gorgeous! My husband and I LOVE hot springs ... we just don't have any near where we are. I'm jealous of your proximity to Radium.

    ♥ Jessica


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