October 19, 2011

paint chip wall art

When I was visiting my sister a few weeks ago she showed me some of the projects she was working on and I fell in love with this one. It is cheap, easy, customizable, and I knew right where I wanted to put it! This is how her's turned out and here is mine: (I noticed this on Sharon's and here mine also looks more glossy than it really is.)

The fun thing about this art is that like I said, it is so customizable. You can do any color palette you want, any size you want, 1 big block or a collection of them like I did. Sharon did her chips all square, I chose to do mine different sizes - the possibilities are endless!

If you would like to make one too here is the tutorial where Sharon first saw the idea.

Just go to your local Wal Mart or Home Depot (Sharon got her chips from Wal Mart but my Wal Mart only had the long strip samples with 5 or 6 colors, not the individual color samples, so I went to Home Depot) and collect samples in all the colors you want. I stuck to about 4 different colors but got many shades of each. Get some that are light and some that are dark, it adds great contrast. I went to Dollarama and bought 4 8 x 10 canvases and some sponge paintbrushes. I came home, measured and cut my chips to fit and then to the best that my OCD tendencies would allow, I randomly placed my chips on the canvases and mod podged them down. I had to turn them upside down and really press on them to get them to stay but as the gal in the tutorial mentioned she used spray adhesive which I'm sure would have been better than the mod podge. When they were all stuck down I did 2 coats of mod podge over the top to seal it and when that was dry I did 2 coats of dark wood stain over the top until I was happy with the look. *TIP* - paint or stain the edges of your canvas before you mod podge - as you can see some of my edges got mod podge on them and then the stain would not take. Ah well.

I think it's such a fun project for $5 - FREE paint chips, dollar store canvases and sponges, with mod podge and stain I already had at home! I'm really happy how it fills the space and adds some color and detail.

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE how they turned out!! AND I love how they sorta match your cute pillows!


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