October 18, 2011

the things Rigby puts in his mouth

No seriously, this list is ridiculous.

I think it was at Christmas time when we first realized that little Rigby put everything and I mean everything in his mouth. Lots of crawling babies do it but it was like as soon as you had one thing pulled out of his face he already had his fist in his mouth stuffing it full of something else. There was no keeping up to him and it became something of a joke. Over the summer while we were frequenting spray parks, parks and paddling pools Rigby began putting things in his mouth other than just an old cheerio from the floor or a paperclip he found on the carpet. It's only gotten worse since then and the list is continually growing. Some have suggested he is lacking in some sort of mineral but no, he is just a curious, busy boy.

Here's the list of non-edible items Rigby has put in his mouth in the last 10 months or so.

In no particular order:
  • cigarette butts - and he gnawed on the spongey filter part for quite a while before I realized he had something more in there
  • bandaids a plenty
  • a bandaid for CORNS, with that little round padded part. (gag!)
  • an ear plug (gag again!)
  • he chewed up a small Christmas ornament, bit into it... and kept going
  • he ate a whole hard boiled egg with the shell still ON
  • a Finish dishwasher detergent tab
  • straws, popsicle and sucker sticks he finds at the park
  • his own poop - twice. Yeah.
  • craft paint
  • handfuls and fistfuls and more handfuls of sand
  • at least 10 foamy Vivint balls, probably more
  • and last but not least (and I'm disgusted to even write this) a tampon applicator from the bathroom garbage. HE DID NOT HAVE THIS IN HIS MOUTH, only his hand - but I knew exactly where it was headed.

This list looks like I should be talking about a puppy, not a child! This may be usual to you but Porter was never like this so I can't help but make mention of it.  You're probably wondering where I am while all of this is going on, but I told you the little guy is quick! I promise I watch him. Can anyone relate?

We'll keep him anyway.


  1. I may have just thrown up in my mouth a little.
    I thought the corn bandaid was bad!..
    The hardboiled egg with the shell made me lough out loud.

  2. I literally laughed the whole way through this post! And yes, i had to read it a second. Still laughed. Oh, the memories that little boy is giving you. So fun! :)

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  4. I have unfortunately caught Mason with the tampon applicator almost to his mouth!!! Do embarrassing and sooooo disgusting!!! Thank goodness for hand sanitizers and tooth brushes!! That is quite the busy boy you have!!! ha ha ha, my kids have come no where near half the things on your list though....we have had the usual, sand, dirt, rocks, straws, and I just pulled a dull ended screw out of Aubrey's mouth the other day....that one just about gave me a heart attack!! It is a wonder these kids survive!! lol....good luck in the future....hopefully he out grows it quickly!! lol

  5. Hey you forgot about the jar of carmex and the bottle of fingernail polish! OK--gross about the tampon!!! :O)

  6. You forgot the green rubber ball that he gnawed hunks out of and my expensive bottle of deodorant that he thought was pretty tasty. He must have NO tastebuds and an Ironclad stomach. We love him anyway and hope he grows up healthy!!

  7. If the previous comment was from Neil, I believe Michelle already mentioned foamy Vivint balls which were probably in reality orange, not green. lol

  8. Oh my, I didn't know about the poop! That's where I draw the line! :)


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