November 28, 2011

guys, I bought stuff

As per our agreement I must divulge when I've purchased an 'extra' item for myself. It happened last week, BUT I CAN EXPLAIN! (A girl can always justify a purchase am I right?)

When we last bought some things at Old Navy we were given a coupon to redeem between November 17th - 21st that gave us $30 off a $60 purchase. Let's do the math... that's $30 worth of stuff for free. I get free. We really like Old Navy jeans for our boys so we decided that we would reach the $60 by buying them each 2 pairs of jeans (they were on sale 2 for $28.) But that left the total short of $60 and of course we wanted the $30 discount. What choice did I have but to top off the bill with something for myself? I know, a noble act. I found an adorable yellow tank that was $3 and to go with it I found a slim zip up cream cardigan. The 2 will look great paired together with a skinny belt around the tank. I had also tried on a great coral dolman sweater that I really liked but since I was obeying my shopping ban I decided to put it back as I had already reached the $60 total. When I took the cardigan to the till and realized it was further marked down, as was the dolman sweater I threw my ban to the wind and grabbed that too - I mean a cardigan for $7 and a sweater for $8? I think so! You understand right? You would have done the same thing right?

Because I really am taking this shopping hiatus seriously I decided I wouldn't wear any of it and gave the bag to Neil to wrap and put under the tree or give me for my birthday. So there, I've come clean. But I still think we got a great deal!

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  1. I woulda done the same thing. Good of you to wait until your birthday though.


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