November 1, 2011

U by Kotex

Sometimes women talk about their periods and unless you're a 14 year old boy it really shouldn't make you feel awkward. It's biology. With that said I've just got to rave (I honestly typed the word "gush" and then decided against it. Ewww. Sorry. My bad.) about the new panty liners I've found.

Yep, this post is about panty liners.

They are called U by Kotex and they. are. awesome. They are SO THIN and the variety of colors that come in the box make it feel like a little surprise every time you reach in and pull one out. There really isn't much else to say other than they do a great job for all your panty lining needs. I'll definitely be repurchasing them.

There. I'm so glad we could have this little chat.


  1. Wow--never even seen these before! They do look cute though. No wonder you are gushing about them! :O)

  2. I agree--they are my favorites!!


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