November 2, 2011

Cuff the Duke

I've alluded a few times here on my blog to my love of Toronto based alt-country band Cuff the Duke. After seeing them perform twice last week I decided they deserve a post of their own. We first came across Cuff the Duke when they opened for and then played back up for Hayden. I love Hayden but I think a lot of us at that show got more enjoyment out of the opening act than we did his set. They are awesome. Cuff the Duke has just released their 5th album - Morning Comes, and in my opinion it's their best (although Way Down Here and their 2005 self titled album are also favorites). Neil and I have now seen them play (wait for it....) 7 times, and it's always an incredible show. Their live shows leave nothing to be desired, all harmonies and instruments are distinct and their sarcastic banter onstage is always a hoot. The guys are as approachable as they are musical and they regularly stay after for handshakes and well wishing. I always want to take them home with me. (Did that sound creepy? That sounded creepy.)

Their music is described as alt-country with heavy folk and rock influences. There is a decent offering of pedal steel and harmonica but if a knee-slappin' good time isn't really your thing don't be fooled in thinking it's all they offer. Each album holds soft ballads with keyboard and guitar. It's just... it's just.. genius.

We have found that Cuff the Duke tours with amazing opening bands and have introduced us to some new interests: Fembots, Zeus and Hooded Fang. It's good music all around.

After their Winnipeg show in 2009

I invite you to check them out and have a listen. Really. Do it.

Is someone gonna pay me for this?!

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