November 15, 2011

would I lie to you?

My brother in law introduced us to this show a few weeks ago and I'm sure not a single night has gone by that Neil and I haven't watched at least one, or twelve, episodes. If you think funny stuff is funny, then you'll like this show. I laugh out loud every time we tune in. It's brilliant (I said that cause it's British).

It's a show on the BBC called Would I Lie to You? There is a panel of 6 contestants and 1 host. In turn each person reads a card with a statement on it. The statement may be a truth or a complete lie yet the person reading the card must convince the others it is indeed accurate. The other contestants ask questions to determine whether they think the statement is fact or fiction. The premise alone is funny but it is the sarcasm and mockery (nevermind the British accents) that get me howling.

Here is a segment from one of the episodes. They can all be found on YouTube, with some under the name Wood Eye Lie Two U? Clever copyright evaders eh? Please, for the love of laughing go watch some.

If you liked that, here's the second half.

And just in case your children are still sleeping here's another episode parts 1 and 2. Funny. 

*Oh, and if you are wondering how my shopping ban is going the answer is awesome. When I was grocery shopping the other day I turned away from the discount Halloween candy that was on for mere pennies and when I received an email about cute boots going on sale I just added them to my Christmas wish list instead of buying them on the spot. And finally, while in Edmonton this week I am not even going to step foot in MAC or Sephora. Seriously. So how's that? I know, my arm hurts from patting myself on the back.


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  2. Thank you for sharing this AWESOME show! My husband and I laughed really really hard. I have a feeling this will be our new watch while eating dinner tv show


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