November 14, 2011

glow bath

This is something my boys have been loving for a few weeks and I thought I’d share. I originally saw this idea on pinterest (where else?) and tried it right away.

I bought a 10-pack of glow-sticks at my local Dollarama, brought them home, filled up the tub, cracked the sticks and threw them all in. When I turned off the lights my boys squealed in delight!! They usually play in the bath for quite a while but now it’s next to impossible to get them out of their glow baths! They may have had a glow bath 3 times in one day… haha!

Give it a try with your little ones, I’m sure it will be a hit. Heck, I think I’m going to try it myself! How relaxing.


*TIP – you do not have to throw away the glow-sticks after each use. When you are done put them in the freezer and they will hold their glow until next time.


  1. I just tried this this weekend!!! I am wishing that I stocked up on the glow sticks when they were being sold during Halloween! Do you think you can still buy them at other times of the year?

  2. Ah, my boys LOVED this!! Keep the great ideas coming!

    Your boys are probably getting too old for this one, but it is still one of my favorite bath tub memories:

  3. How fun and imaginative! That would be fun with the "glow balls"
    (no comments out there) that they play with at my house!!


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