December 9, 2011

40 uses for Coke

I don't mean cocaine ya nut.

I really enjoy a cold glass of Coke, I'm not gonna lie. I would however prefer it if my beverage was just a beverage and not a solvent, cleaner, conditioner, descaler or degreaser. BUT... Coke is.

Visit this website where you can find 40 uses (other than quenching your thirst) for Coke. And then come back and tell me if you're ever going to drink the stuff again.

(I will.)


  1. It does make you think twice, but how will I ever get my day started without my can of Diet Coke?? :-)

  2. I can't live without Diet Coke! I miss our late night movies with our candy and cokes :( Come visit me soon.


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