December 12, 2011

thrift-store shirt alteration

When I uploaded these photos I had a little bit of a panic attack. Looking at these pictures I suddenly really liked the ‘before’ shot… BUT it’s too late!

I have to remind myself that while I have had this shirt for some time now I rarely wore it, and when I did it was always with a cardigan over top, to hide the baggy sleeves and poorly fitting body. Every time I put it on I committed to alter it some day soon. So with that said, even though I like the look of the shirt in the ‘before’ photo I know in reality I wasn’t comfortable wearing it like that.

Here is the before – a shirt I purchased from a local thrift shop for a few bucks.

And here is the after – I removed the extra large sleeves and took it in in the body and under the armpits. 

I added a belt for extra definition and the cardigan ‘cause I’m cold hearted blooded. At least now I add the cardigan for comfort instead of trying to hide under it.

I'd like to know your opinion – are you a fan of the before or do you prefer the altered version?


  1. You did it! Having seen the before in person and how often you had to fidget with it, I think I like the after better. Nice work!

  2. Oh I love it now!! It was cute before--but much more you after. You should be very proud! I know I am!!!

  3. love the after. Really cute!

  4. I like the after better! Wow, I so wish I could alter clothes. I find some gems at thrift stores but put them back if they don't fit right. So talented! The before looks nice, but the after fits your frame better. Lovely job!


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