December 6, 2011

and just like that, Naked2 is mine!

I signed up to receive an email when the Naked2 palette was back in stock and I got that email this morning. I immediately placed my order half expecting that by the time I clicked "checkout" it would tell me it was out of stock already. BUT IT WASN'T! I can't wait. I'm really excited about this palette - partly because I LOVE my original Naked palette so much and partly because all the reviews I have read and swatches I have seen lead me to believe this one is just as good AND different enough to warrant owning both. My mom is sending me money for Christmas and my birthday and she doesn't know it yet but this palette is what she's buying me! Haha! So thanks Mom!

To read more about the Naked2 palette head over to Bloomin' Beauty's blog where she does an extensive review with beautiful swatches and comparisons to Naked1. Hers is one of the best Naked2 reviews I've read. Go check it out.


  1. I am so jealous! By the time I read my email and went to buy it it was sold out again! I guess I'll start checking my email at like 7am. :)

  2. Wow! I just saw that you mentioned me, I am SO flattered dear! :) I hope you enjoy it!!!!


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