December 5, 2011

Porter McKay

It was 4 years ago today this big bundle of joy changed my life. 

As a new mom I thought the love I felt for my brand new baby was stronger than anything I could experience as I didn't yet know that that love would grow as my brand new baby grew. With each new phase and each milestone crossed the love of a mother intensifies and the awe she has for her little one increases.

The sleepless nights, spit up, fevers, thrush, and the crying and inconsolable moments are all forgiven and forgotten when they open their little eyes and gaze at you like you are the most important thing to them. Because you are.

Porter has taught me innumerable lessons. I learn from him every day whether it be through a trial of patience or from the swelling in my heart as I watch him experience life. 

Porter has taught me to smile, even when times get tough. 

To indulge in the good things of life. 

To make fun of yourself and laugh at everything you can. 

To find excitement in simple things.

To look the part. You feel good when you look good. 

To never stop going, there is always something else to discover. 

That not all meals have to be nutritious. It's ok to not be perfect. 

To be prepared for any situation. 

To recognize the Lord in all things. 

To protect the ones you love. 

To be original and not care what others think of you. 

To slow down, think before you act and speak, and to enjoy the quiet moments. 

That bad things happen to good people but you can always look forward to tomorrow. 

To let loose once in a while!

To set goals and work towards something...

...and bask in the wondrous results. 

To make the best of any situation. 

To admire others and aspire to be like the good people around you. 

And to always let your true self shine through!

Being Porter's momma is a joy. He is a SMART boy, he is a cheeky boy and he is a FUN boy who loves to tease and laugh. He is sensitive and sweet and boy is he stubborn! Porter was born 11 days late and has kept me waiting ever since. :)  He does things in his own time and in his own way. I know it is those qualities that will make him a leader and a strong man that will not be influenced to do anything against his values. He is a light in our home and to those around him. He is most often described as "funny" and I couldn't agree more. He is the one that made me a momma and that is a gift I treasure.

 HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY Porter Boy! 


  1. You made me cry! I loved all the pictures- Porter is lucky to have such a great Mom!

  2. This is the cutest thing I've ever read! You made me cry too!!

  3. That was the sweetest thing I ever read! I LOVED what you wrote--I LOVE YOU and I LOVE THAT CUTE BOY!!! Happy Birthday Porter!!!

  4. I didn't cry...someone is just cutting onions in my office.

  5. There seems to be onions at my house as well.

  6. I started crying before I even started reading this because this is my baby writing about her baby!
    What a beautiful tribute to a very special boy. He has touched all of our lives in some special way!!
    In four years I have made so many memories of him and I haven't even seen that much of him. Oh how I wish I were there to have a piece of cake with him for his big #4 day!


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