January 30, 2012

I may or may not be a weird stranger

I had an experience a few weeks ago that made me wonder something. I was in a fabric store looking for the perfect binding for the faux chenille blanket I made for my friend Sharlee. (And she did have a girl! Little Della Michelle - LOVE her name?! I do!! But I might be biased!) I was trying to decide between 2 different shades of pink and when a lady walked by I asked her if she would mind coming over for a quick second to give me her opinion. She gave me a look that was somewhere in between, 'why are you talking to me?' and 'ok... because you asked.' I acted like I didn't notice her reaction and asked her which pink she liked better, thanked her for her opinion and just kind of laughed off the awkward moment.

Conversely, I was in another fabric store (I gotta get out more...) a few days after that when I was stopped by a lady asking for my opinion on which flannel went better with the fabric she had for a blanket she was making her grandson. With my previous experience in mind I was thrilled that she had approached me for an opinion and told her that I do the same thing when I'm shopping alone.

Now my question to you is, which woman are you? If someone stops you in a store to ask for your opinion do you think it's strange or are you happy to offer it? Are you the gal asking what someone else thinks? I don't limit this to fabric stores either. I know I do it in the fitting room as well - if a gal comes out of the dressing room to see herself in the mirror, I'll tell her what she's trying on looks cute if I think it does. Is that annoying? I may be the totally weird stranger but I think when you're shopping alone sometimes it's nice to get some feedback from someone else. I know I appreciate it.

Where are you ladies on this?


  1. I ask opinions if I need them, but I tend to be th lady that apparently looks like I work in every store since I get asked all the time questions and where to find things.. Apparently hauling 3 kids around with me isn't enough of a hint that I don't work there!!!

  2. I am definitely the chatty one - I have no problem approaching strangers. My fave is to ask people in the supermarket 'What are you looking for?' Then directing them to the right place. Or sometimes I recomend a product if I love it. Very embarrasing for my kids. I think it's a blogger thing...

  3. I love it when people ask my opinion in a store, or ask me where to find something. I'm definitely open to offering my opinion, but I find that I don't ask for opinions very often, just because I don't think about it. I should though, it's fun to talk to strangers!! Especially when you see them a few minutes later and then you smile and chat again like you've been friends forever!!

  4. I like to ask for opinions....but I LOVE to give my opinions. the other day I accosted a poor lady in the Wal-mart cereal aisle to gush uncontrollably about how much I love the new bagged cereal there. It might have been a little embarassing, if I were thinner skinned. haha! I really do love that cereal though, $3 per bag, 7 or 8 different kinds, and my kids don't notice any difference. Ok, I'll stop!

  5. Haha. I am totally the chatty one on the airplane, elevator and grocery store line. I remember growing up being SO embarrassed by my mom because she just had to talk to EVERY ONE! And now I have become her!

  6. Haha, before I got to he fitting room part I was like "I always tell people if they look cute when they come out of a fitting room"! We ARE the same person!! Haha. I've definitely got some funny looks but I find that most people like it!


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