January 26, 2012

the magic spoon

So. This is the story. Porter (like most children) loves chocolate milk so we often have chocolate syrup in the house. He likes to get a spoon and stir his own cup, watching the white milk turn to chocolate. (Acutally, he likes to get his own cup, get the milk from the fridge, pour his own milk, squeeze the syrup, get his own spoon, and then stir the cup. Independent much?) I don’t know what sparked it but one day Neil handed Porter a spoon and told him it was a magic spoon and that it would turn white milk to chocolate milk! Porter didn’t know that Neil had already squeezed the chocolate syrup into the cup of milk as it had all settled down on the bottom. Porter took the magic spoon and began stirring. His eyes got wider and wider as the white milk started to turn chocolate. He had been pretty skeptical it was going to work (he’s no dummy). He still asked Neil a few times if he was teasing but Neil assured him the spoon really was magic. Porter thought that was awesome.

Last week I was in the living room and I heard Porter clanging around in the kitchen, opening and closing the utensil drawer. I could also hear him mutter to himself things like, “it’s got to be around here somewhere.” and “maybe this is the one.” After I heard him stir in a cup a few times I knew exactly what he was up to. I walked into the kitchen to find this. My little boy had gone through almost every spoon in the drawer looking for the magic spoon to turn his white milk to chocolate. Could you just die?  Part of me laughed cause it was so cute and part of me wanted to cry because this innocent child took his dad’s word for truth. How trusting are our children. He asked me to help him find the magic spoon and because we were out of chocolate syrup, as much as my mommy heart desired I knew I wasn’t going to find it for him. I don’t remember how I diverted him out of it but he was fine with whatever I said and I told him we’d ask daddy when he got home. And then I called Neil and told him he was a bully, haha! We thought it was cute and so sweet. Children are innocent and trusting and sometimes I wish I had a little more of that left in me.

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  1. Oh, Porter! what a sweet boy. Darn that dad. Don't we wish we could keep them so believing and trusting forever?

  2. That is soooo adorable! What a little sweety!! Great story to tell at his wedding!!
    I love the innocence of little children!

  3. I love the tiny little bit of milk in every spoon. so cute!

  4. Oh, I do think that boy is smart...he just needs to read his silly dad and mom better and then he'll have it made. So cute! Give him a kiss and a hug and a magic wand from his grandma!!

  5. AAAAAWWWWW!!!! What a cute story!!! I love how he lined the spoons all up so compulsively!! Don't know where he got that from.

  6. This is my favourite thing ever!!! I can't stop telling this story to people, because I think it's seriously the best thing I've ever heard. So stinking cute!!!! I love it!!!


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