January 25, 2012

McGavin's Bread Basket

Would you like to buy really great bread at a really great price??? -in my best infomercial voice-

I thought I would share with you my favorite place to buy bread (I know, who gets excited about bread?) as sometimes when I talk about this place people haven't heard of it before, and I feel like that's really unfortunate. I'd hate to be keeping something from you.

I have been shopping at McGavin's Bread Basket on and off for years. I'm not sure why there is ever an 'off' because every time I go back I wonder how I could possibly buy bread anywhere else. McGavin's sells all kinds of baked goods but what I go in for is their amazing bread deal. You can purchase 10 loaves of bread for $11.99, and they are hearty loaves like Dempster's Ancient Grains, Wheat & Oats with Honey, Flax, and my favorite- 12 Grain. (Side note: when I was young I used to call this kind of bread "fingernail bread" because it's so chewy and full of crunchy little things that feel like, well, fingernails. I didn't really care for it and complained when my mom bought fingernail bread. Think of that when you're enjoying your next sandwich. :)) Similar loaves are sold at Costco (correct me if I'm wrong) at like $5.99 for 3 loaves. Ten loaves for $11.99 makes the price of each loaf  a whopping $1.20, that is amazing for a loaf that would cost you around $4 at most supermarkets. That deal is not limited to bread either, you can throw in bagels, wraps, pitas or buns and they have other kinds of bread too if you fancy Texas toast, cinnamon raisin, or sour dough. Heck yeah! The stock is sometimes hit and miss, you really have to go in on the right day to find a full variety but when you do it's worth it to buy a pile and take them home to your freezer.

I don't know a ton about the McGavin's franchise but I do know that all the cities I have lived in have had a store or two. I really do think it's worth checking out if you like good bread but don't want to pay a high price for it. I'm not usually one that breaks up my grocery shop into a few different stores (get me in and out and my screaming children home, please!) but I do feel it's worth skipping the bread at Superstore to head over to McGavins and pick up my supply there.

Anyway, this is getting wordy, about bread of all things, but if you haven't checked out a McGavin's before I say, hey give it a go. But they don't supply bags so take your own. Or children to carry loaves.


  1. How have I never heard of this? Is it in Lethbridge?

  2. Yes ma'am! It's over by like Nutters, in that strip mall off Stafford Drive. Just before Save On. Ya know where I mean? I was just there today and they had a great selection, you should try to make it in. :)

  3. thanks for reminding me michelle. i had totally forgotten about this place.

  4. LOVE that place!! We too are in 'awe' when we mention it to people and they say they have never heard of it!


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