January 3, 2012

thrift store score(s)

On the weekend I went thrift shopping with two of my many fabulous sister in laws. We went to Catholic Charities as the last 2 days of the month everything is 50% off. I love treasure hunting thrift shopping because you feel like you've really lucked out when you find a piece you like, in your size, and for a great price. It's like every time I want to say, "what are the chances?!!" I thoroughly enjoy rummaging through racks looking for hidden gems. 

This weekend I really hit the jackpot with a few items. This was one one of the very first items I saw when we walked into the first store. I thought it was a youth size but walked over to try it on anyway. Turns out it's a ladies small and it fits like a glove, er, jacket. It's a Billabong coat in excellent condition (minus a couple tears in the lining) and I got it for, wait for it.... $7.50. Wicked right?


The next item I feel I really lucked out with is this pair of skinny jeans. I liked the wash but was a little indecisive as they are too long and will need to be hemmed and do-I-really-want-to-bother-with-that-trouble-for-a-cheap-pair-of-jeans? I really liked the way they fit and since they were only $3 I decided to get them as really a hem job isn't the end of the world. I noticed I was unfamiliar with the name brand and decided to look them up out of curiosity later that night. You can imagine my amazement when I realized this is a high end brand and this same pair of jeans is online for $178 and I had just purchased them for $3. THREE DOLLARS. Bahhhaaaaaaaa. I win.


This is another item I purchased for $2, a cute little top with so much fun detailing I could just cry. Love. It.


How do you feel about thrift shopping? Have you ever made a really great find?


  1. Seriously? $3 for a pair of almost $200 jeans!!! That is awesome!! And I love the coat and shirt too!! Great deals--I only wish I were there to have gone with you!!!

  2. I seriously LOVE that coat!!!! Nice purchase!!

  3. Score! I rarely find good thrift store deals. I think they're too popular around here. But yard sales are my thing.

  4. I LOVE to thrift! I usually go when the store is 50% off too, I usually leave with at least one GREAT piece!! Super cute yellow sweater btw.

  5. I love thrift shopping, but never seem to find anything good! Nice finds.


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