February 8, 2012

foster fail

(Warning: super gushy, mushy, puppy love talk ahead. If you are a dog lover yourself, you'll understand. If you're not the animal lovin' type, you'll roll your eyes at me. Or gag. You've been forewarned.) 

I introduced you to Willow, our foster doggy, in this recent post. And now I have a secret to tell you. I blubbered through the whole thing! Tears streamed down my cheeks as I wrote that post and since I’m rarely a crying fool Neil walked in and was immediately concerned. I managed to say in a half laugh/half cry, “I don’t want to give her away!!” *sob, sob* Pathetic right? We had just received her the day before and already I knew she was special.

photo (12)

We were happy to foster a puppy as we didn’t think it was possible for us to keep one at this stage of our lives. We had no intention of falling in love with a dog, which is ridiculous thinking about it now. But if fostering was the road to get Willow then we’re happy to start and end our fostering career with her.

Willow is perfect for our family. She has a great balance of playful and calm. She loves to run in the yard and catch pine cones thrown for her. I have taught her to sit, shake and lay down and we're working on stay and roll over. She hardly waits for the command now and anticipates the next trick, which I think is adorable. She simply wants to please. She loves to paw at your leg, asking for attention. She is patient with the boys and lets them sit on beside her, pull her ears, look at her teeth, pick at her nose and poke her eyes. She loves the boys and is most often found fast asleep on Porter’s bed.

photo (13)

She is snuggly and lovable and if you pick her up to lay beside you, she stays at your side until you get up and leave. She makes pathetic groans when she sleeps, as if she is so relaxed and content. She is learning our schedule and routine and we haven’t had an accident in the house for almost 2 weeks. She has a very gentle mouth and doesn't grab or snatch treats - she gently takes them from your hand or from the boy's little fingers. She has learned to be very comfortable with her kennel. She knows that when we leave the house she has to go to ‘bed,’ and at night when we turn the lights off she walks to her kennel and lays down, without being asked. Neil and I look at each other like, ‘where did she come from?’ She is amazing.

photo (14)

At our recent family meeting to discuss our intentions with Willow, the vote was unanimous. Not one of us could bear to give her back and let another family adopt her. We all agreed that we wanted to make it official and keep her forever. On paper at the Prairie Pitbull Rescue we are considered a foster fail, but I disagree, this is a foster success. We didn't mean to fall in love with her, but I'm so glad we did.


  1. Ok--now I am the one with a tear in my eye! What an adorable post. I love you guys and I am so glad you found an equally wonderful little furry friend to add to your already wonderful family!

  2. Okay, Meech, I read the warning and so I was prepared to read and then roll my eyes, but there wasn't one "aw, musha, musha" in your post! I am so happy that you have a dog now. You tried the weasel thing and the cat thing and
    even frogs, but really you girls are all like your dad and your granny and have huge soft spots for dogs. Congratulations on your decision to keep Willow!

  3. This was precious. What kind is she? I love her look!

  4. "The weasel thing"! Ha ha!
    I recently decided that we weren't going to have a dog. Now I'm rethinking. Does Willow have a sister?

  5. I've always wanted to foster a dog but I know I'll do the same thing. I've gone to look at puppies twice and now we have two dogs. So happy for you and your new addition. :)


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