February 9, 2012

playing referee

Porter and Rigby have been at each other's throats this week it seems. If they are not fighting over Lego they are fighting over Transformers and if they are not fighting over toys they are fighting over who sits where and who got where first. I've had it.

I have been in the routine of being the mediator - I go into the room, figure out what happened and then make the boys find a peaceful resolve. Not these days. I hear them start to fight in their room - one yells, the other yells louder and then it starts. But lately I find myself just sitting back, letting them work it out themselves. Is that wrong? I figure it's good for their coping and problem solving skills as brothers right? Obviously I'll intervene if it gets out of control but I don't think there's any harm in letting them fight their own fights, so to speak.

Do you always mediate your children's quarrels or do you let your kids work it out themselves on occasion?


  1. If there's blood involved I'll usually step in :) Otherwise I'm pretty hands off. Any my kids know that if they come to me I'll more than likely make them stand and hug each other for 2 minutes or something so they've learned to work things out themselves.

  2. My girls were always fighting over who got to sit where. So I solved the problem and made assigned seating. Now they sit in the same spot at the table and in the van, no questions asked. Took care of that problem...now if only I could figure out the rest...


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