February 19, 2012

our anniversary

This week Neil and I celebrate our 7 year anniversary. I have no idea why they call it the 7 year itch because for us, it just keeps getting better. I mean it, the only itch I've ever had is...... nevermind.

I am so lucky, blessed, fortunate, darn HAPPY to be married to my Neil. This boy is perfect for me. The way he makes me laugh, the way he takes care of me and the boys, the way he makes me laugh and the way he makes me laugh.

I knew marriage would be cool but I genuinely didn't know it would be like this. This good. This happy. This content. This fun. And it's because of him. I'm not nearly as awesome on my own.

To seven years with my love, and hopefully another 70.

Oh and eternity too.

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