February 21, 2012

information: posting phone pics online

I am not an alarmist and I don't get worked up about all the scaremongering forwarded emails that get passed along, but when my mom sent me this video I actually did find the information useful. I may just be am useless when it comes to techy things so I didn't even know my phone had this option. I thought I would share the video as maybe you weren't aware of it either and as I said, I don't think it's imperative but it's still a precaution. It's a pretty cool feature and I can think of times I would like to use it but for every day purposes I've turned mine off.

Did you know your phone had this feature? Will you leave it on or turn it off?


  1. Thanks Michelle,
    I knew that and I had deactivated the "GPS/locator" feature on my apps and such and realized today that pic was still on!! O.o

  2. Just turned mine off--yikes!

  3. always good to know. Will be checking my husbands phone when he gets home.


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