February 24, 2012

a post about hair

I guess I should say another post about hair. Well you might guess then that hair has been on my mind. Literally. Bad joke. I have been growing my hair out with no real goal in sight for about 2 years. I’ve never had it this long and I’ve been enjoying it. As I told you before I don’t feel like the most capable stylist but I try.

I went out last night for a much needed girl’s night out with my friend Rachael. We had time to kill before our date so she offered to curl my hair. I love it when she does, it always looks amazing and somehow it lasts longer than any other time I do it. This is what she did for me last night – loose curls with straight ends. I’m in love… as you can see by the many photos I took to remind me how to recreate it.

photo (16)photo (17)photo (19)photo (20)

The thing is, I’ve been contemplating cutting my hair. I know I won’t do it right away but when I saw Becki from Whippy Cake’s hair pop up on my newsfeed on Facebook I knew that this was the cut I was going to do when I did go under the knife, er, scissors.


I love it even more now that she has it really blonde and often styles it in a faux hawk.

(These are photos I creepily stole from the Whippy Cake Facebook group, although I did ask for permission.)

Do you think I could pull something like this off? I’ve had short hair quite similar to this before, and even shorter actually, but after growing my hair for so long I’m uncertain. I’ve been pretty well obsessed with her hair since I first saw it so if I’m still loving it down the road this is definitely the cut I’ll get. I love that it’s short and fresh while still  being versatile. I’ve seen photos of it styled in a few different ways and it’s always adorable. You’ve got to watch this video of how she styles her faux hawk. She has it down to a mad science.

On a related side note you should most definitely check out Becki’s cute accessories at Whippy Cake or on her Facebook group. She is ridiculously creative and talented. Obviously, look at her hair!


  1. You mean you finally washed your hair?!! Jks!!! I love those curls! I wish my hair was a little thicker so I could do stuff like that! Those curls would last about 10 minutes in my hair! I think you'd look great with that short hair cut. I liked your short hair in high school. Some people can just pull it off!! LOL!

  2. I love that hair cut!! I've been growing mine out for four years now since I chopped mine off very similar to this. I always get to a certain stage and chop it again! You would look so great with this hair! (I love it long too :))
    You could definitely pull it off!

  3. I am so on the fence about what you should do with your hair!! Because I have loved it at every length!!! You can pull off a short do like no body else I know! But I am loving all the fun things you do with your long locks. I just don't know. At least you know you will be darling with whatever you choose!


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