February 22, 2012

take a risk: bold lips and yellow boots

I follow (like?) Temptalia on Facebook and on Friday Christine posted a really great question.

"What product do you own but don't have the courage to wear?" 

I loved this question because I can relate. There have been some products I buy because they are so gosh darn beautiful in the packaging but when it comes down to it I feel like a fool walking out of the house wearing them. The funny thing is, in my experience, once you've worn that item a few times you become comfortable and confident and don't think twice about slapping it on and walking out the door. It makes me giggle to think that the first few times I wore my now go-to lipstick, MAC Creme d'Nude, I was quite nervous and uncomfortable. A nude lip was something I'd never done before. It was that same summer I purchased my first red lipstick, MAC Viva Glam 1, and I felt that same insecurity as I rocked it the first few times. I don't give either of them a second thought now. Funny. 

Do you have any products you've purchased yet they sit in your stash unused? There are not many items in my collection that intimidate me any more. I am getting comfortable with the few products (mostly lipsticks) that I have been hesitant to wear. Some lean a little orange, some more coral, and some are a brighter pink than what I'm accustomed to. The thing is, I see them on other girls and think they look cute so I wonder, why wouldn't they look great on me too? What I found even more interesting than the question itself were the responses Christine got. You can read for yourself but it amused me that so many ladies had similar answers to, "I love the look on other people but I don't think it looks good on me." or "I think other people pull it off but I feel silly when I try to." We are our own worst critics! I've decided it before but this post reaffirmed to me that if you just decide to wear something and be confident in it, you will look great in it because your fearlessness will shine through. It has been my experience that if nothing else people will admire your boldness and you'll inspire them to wear something new. You may not agree and still think you look ridiculous, haha, but that has been my reality. 

I know this is getting lengthy but I wanted to share a really great post on a similar topic. Shelley, from The House of Smiths did a recent post about taking risks and not being afraid to do or wear something out of your comfort zone. After I read her post I thought about the yellow suede ankle boots I have that have only been worn a handful of times because well, they are yellow suede ankle boots and obviously, they stand out. I wore them to church that very next Sunday and received many compliments on them. It feels pretty good to be a little daring and try something unexpected.

Do you have products or clothes or accessories you are a little timid to wear in public? I can't be the only one that has removed a scarf or headband or wiped my lips off in the van, haha! Please share! 

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  1. Ha! Luv this post, I only second guess myself with product when I show my husband and he adds his comments:) For example, awhile ago I came home with mac rule and he just asked"you're not really going to wear orange eyeshadow right?" Now he just laughs and doesn't say too much. But I do have a sweater with a huge fur around the neck that rarely gets out. :)


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