March 1, 2012

$1 cardigan

You know I love a good bargain but an exceptional bargain is something I get really excited about.

The other day when I was in Wal Mart I happened past a $5 clearance rack and saw these cute grey cardigans. I love me a cardigan so I stopped to take a look. I am on a shopping hiatus right now as there is nothing I need and I don’t wear all of what I’ve got. But a cardigan, there’s always room for a cardigan. I liked the fit and the light grey is versatile so I thought that for $5 this was allowed to come home with me. Wouldn’t you believe my surprise when I took it to the till and it rang through at $1! One dollah! I thought a $5 cardigan was a steal but a $1 cardigan is a joke, a purchase my deal-attracting-mother would be proud of.  She always takes things to the till just to have them ring in cheaper and I’m pretty happy she’s passed on those genes to me.

photo (3)

What’s your greatest bargain story? I once bought an $85 toaster oven for $30 because it was priced wrong, that was a good deal. Or the $20 jeans I loved so much I went back to buy another pair and they were marked down to $10. Or the jacket I bought for $15 when the original tag was for over $60.  I love a bargain.


  1. A DOLLAR???? Awesome! I want to see the rest of it!! Quit teasing us and show us a full view!!

  2. You didn't buy one for me? Go back and get me one!!!!

  3. Greatest bargain ever: Aeropostale jacket originally 100$ was mine for 20$. Only in the states of course.

  4. Oh my gosh $1 that is amazing!! It is really cute too!! Love it!


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