March 2, 2012

Hard Candy Glamoflauge

I had been using MAC Pro Longwear concealer and absolutely loved it but when that pump pumped it’s last pump I was in need of something in a hurry. I knew it was getting low but hadn’t planned ahead and we don’t have a MAC in town to go and replace it. I had remembered Natalie from Miss Natty’s Beauty Diary say she had used Hard Candy Glamoflauge before and loved it (you can read her review here) and frankly if that gal told me rubbing peanut butter on my face was the next hot thing, I’d at least try it. I had to look at 2 different Wal Marts but I finally found a selection of these concealers. I don’t remember the exact price but this tube was around $7, much cheaper than $21 price tag of the Pro Longwear. I picked up the shade ‘light’ and it’s perfect for my skin tone.


The things I like most about this concealer are similar to the aspects I loved about the Pro Longwear. It is so blendable, almost to the point that no blending is even needed. It melts right into your foundation and some light tapping to smooth out the edges is all that is really required. This concealer is quite a bit thicker and more heavy than the Pro Longwear (the packaging says it can be used to cover tattoos. I don’t have any to test it on but I thought that was an impressive claim) and a little goes a long way. I have not had any creasing problems with this product as I have with other under-the-eye concealers, and it really covers. I have a small problem area on my chin right now and a little dab of this truly conceals any redness.


After using Glamoflauge for a couple months I don’t feel the need to go back to Pro Longwear. With the price of this concealer and it’s easier availability to me I am quite satisfied to say it is my new go-to. Once I learned that only a small amount was needed (the above dot would do for a week, no joke) I have been really happy with this product and think Hard Candy has done a great job with an inexpensive offering. I would highly recommend checking this out.


  1. I love reading your make-up talk. And love you too!

  2. I am going to try this my concealer is horrible. Thanks!


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