March 16, 2012

birthday boy

I often write my posts in advance so that while I’m sitting uploading and sorting photos I can get a few posts done at a time. When I scheduled today’s post I neglected to remember it was my Rigga’s birthday. I could not let this day go by without saying something about this TWO year old!

Happy Birthday to my Rigby who has filled our home with a little more cheekiness, a lot more laughter, love, kisses and snuggles, tantrums and “NO!!” ‘s, learning and excitement for simple things, the cutest bum-chin, and those big beautiful eyes.

Rigby is a heart-melter, if you’ve met him, you’ve fallen in love with him. He is adorable, sweet, funny and did I mention adorable? But don’t be fooled, he knows how to use it! He’s got the devil in those eyes and I wouldn’t change that little spark for anything. :)

Rigby loves basketball or as he calls it "hoops." 

We didn’t find out what we were expecting when I was pregnant with Rigby and because his pregnancy was quite a bit different than Porter’s I assumed I was having a girl. I not-so-secretly really wanted another boy but was just happy to get that big baby out, whatever it was. When he arrived and it was announced the baby was a BOY I was thrilled. I felt like I had been given a special little gift in this big boy.

My favorite story to share about Rigby’s birth is that when he arrived he had two little raw spots on the backs of both hands, worn from sucking on them in the womb. He is such a sweet little boy that seeks out love and comfort and that came with him from the start. Throughout the day he often says, “’nuggle momma!” and I drop whatever I’m doing to snuggle because I know one day he’ll stop asking. And I also know that within the next minute he’ll be hitting his brother so I better enjoy it! These brothers are the joy in my life and Rigby is a significant part of that. Happy Birthday Rigotry, my sweet big boy.


  1. I know I have fallen head over heels for that adorable little fellow. Happy Day to you little man! Luvs from all of us in Washington!!!

  2. As you said, Michelle, he is a "special little gift." You and Neil are such good parents of those two precious boys! Wish I
    could have kissed that chocolate face!!


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