March 16, 2012

tuck it in

I’ve been a tucker lately.

Like the look? All you need are a few key things and you can be a tucker too!

You need:
  • A pair of pants. Any pair will do but I prefer this look with a pair of wide legged or trouser jeans.
  • A shirt. I think a patterned shirt or blouse looks best.
  • A skinny belt. The key here is skinny – we’re trying to look fashionable, not look like we’re wearing our 1980’s pair of Sears jeans that comes with a belt. Am I the only one that bought those? A pop of color in the belt is ideal, look for color or metallics.
Now put it all together and just tuck, tuck, tuck. You can throw on a cardigan for some rear-end coverage or go without and let that backside shine!

*tip* - scour your local thrift stores for skinny belts - I haven't paid more than $1.00 or so for any of the ones I have. 

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