March 15, 2012

drugstore scores part 2: Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 hr eyeshadow

The next drugstore product I picked up earlier this year was Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadow. I read many reviews of this product and was impressed they were being compared to MAC Paint Pots. I own a few paint pots and love their long lasting and non-creasing capabilities as well as the different color bases they provide for other shadows. I initially picked up the Bold Gold Color Tattoo and after using it a few times I went back and got Tough as Taupe and Bad to the Bronze. The other 7 shades in the collection are more bright and colorful (besides Too Cool which is a shimmery white) and I do not see myself using them at all.


Tough as Taupe is the only matte color in the collection. It is a concrete grey that looks beautiful on it’s own or worn under other shades. I’ve been wearing it under Verve from the Naked2 palette and I like the way it anchors the shimmery color. Bold Gold is a yellow gold that I personally only wear under other shadows. I don’t love the yellow tone on it’s own but when worn as a base it really pulls the gold out of other shadows. Bad to the Bronze is another one that I wear alone or as a base. I think it looks beautiful with MAC Satin Taupe over top.

L-R Tough as Taupe, Bold Gold and Bad to the Bronze, swatched heavily

Wearing Bold Gold with MAC Retrospeck and Gleam over top with Smut blended in the crease

Clearly I haven’t given the full 24 hr test on these eyeshadows but I can tell you that from the time I put them on until the time I wash them off they do. not. budge. In fact I was wearing Bad to the Bronze with MAC Satin Taupe over top when we went for a family swim. After being splashed and sprayed my entire face of makeup was washed off except my two little eyes with only Bad to Bronze still holding on for dear life. While washing the swatches for this post off the back of my hand with just water, I had to scrub to get the colors off. These shadows are quite remarkable and although in my opinion the color range leaves something to be desired, I’m confident you will be impressed with their high quality finish.

You can find these little gems at Wal Mart and other drug stores but like the Revlon Lip Butters, these are cheapest at Wal Mart. If you have been wanting to try a MAC Paint Pot but don’t want to spend the cash, for $6 a piece these are a fantastic alternative. I find them comparable in quality and in their ability to hold a shadow and last all day. I don't think I will purchase Too Cool and I have no need for any of the other shades in my collection but I am happy to have these 3 and reach for them fairly often. I recommend picking up a couple.


  1. Perfect! I'm totally picking some up this weekend!

  2. I went straight to London Drugs after work and bought some. I can't wait to try it. I'll let you know tomorrow.


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