March 13, 2012

pic stitch

I have to tell you about the new (new to me, I’m always slow with these things) app I’ve been loooooving. It’s called Pic Stitch and look what it can do!

Choose the layout you want (there’s many) and then choose photos to put in it. You can then edit those photos – color, crop, brightness, rotate, etc. – the usuals, to your liking. You can change the size of each layout to better suit each photo as well as add text or silly stickers (mustache anyone?)  to the photos. I was really impressed with how many features the app offers.

I quickly made up these few collages of pics I had on my phone to show you a bit of what the app does.
photo (27)photo (28)photo (29)

I have been using it on my facebook and am excited to implement it on my blog. It makes presenting your photos in a creative and professional way so easy.

Pic Stitch – go get it!


  1. You must really love that dog. She rated more individual pictures than your boys. Personally I would like to see more pictures of your boys!!! Cute picture of you--I can always look at pictures of my beautiful baby girl!! Love you!!

  2. Too funny. I was just about to post and ask you how you were doing all those picture collages on your fb page!! And here is my answer. I'll have to check it out!


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