March 12, 2012

bachelor finale

In high school I had a girlfriend that although we had our ups and downs I still considered us to be friends. Apparently she didn't feel the same way because years later when I got engaged her brother told me that when she saw our announcement she said,

"Oh good, now they can be miserable together forever!"

Haha, seriously. Well although I don't think that's a matrimonial well wishing anyone deserves I have to admit I'm feeling that way tonight. If you are an avid Bachelor watcher you, along with the rest of us are certain that Ben is going to pick Courtney tonight and well, I think he deserves her. She has been nothing but mean and manipulative and Ben has only made me like him less and less each week. Who does he think he is? They make quite the pair. 

I hope for their sakes that much like my friend we are all wrong and they aren't miserable together forever but I'm not sure that's possible in this case. We'll have to tune in tonight to see how it all plays out. Have you been following and what's your prediction? 


  1. I sure hope that first story wasn't about me!!:)I agree, I was a fan of Casey B.

  2. I totally agree. Starting out watching the bachelor I thought Ben may be this chill, artistic kind of guy. As I watched on he just made me sick. I know that most of the guys are slimy, but seeing the things he did and said made me think less and less of him. Hopefully the bachelorette with Emily will be better!


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