March 9, 2012

remember Sleek Storm? FOTD

It has been so long since I’ve said anything about the Sleek Storm palette. It’s been so long since I’ve used the Sleek Storm palette. I blame that Naked couple in my bathroom.


After perusing through some old My Funny Valentine’s posts I came across her review of the drugstore favorite and remembered why I love it so much. It really is great quality for such a great price. I dusted the old friend off and created this look. I’ve been sticking to neutrals so much lately I decided to add a punch of slate blue to the outer V and crease with blue eyeliner on my waterline.

I was once again impressed by these Sleek eyeshadows. Their pigmentation and finish is really something you would find in high end makeup. If you have wine taste on a beer budget this is a great find! Sleek cosmetics give you an opportunity to wear incredible makeup without breaking the bank. I would love to try some of their blushes and pout polishes. I'd like to explore this line some more. What are your favorite Sleek products?


  1. So so pretty! I luv the look, I'll have to try it. Is Sleek canadian? I must confess, as a makeup luva I've never heard of it.

  2. Alright--I am not remembering this one. Where can I buy it on my beer budget?

  3. Soooooooooooooo pretty!! You will have to teach me how to apply eye shadow when I am up there next. I am really not good at it.

  4. Thanks ladies! Sleek is actually a drugstore brand in the UK. I had seen so many reviews on it that I finally ordered my own. You can find it for a great price on ebay. I would recommend the Storm palette, there are many but that one is versatile and easy to use. Check out Sleek's website for more of their products, I want to try so many! :)


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