April 9, 2012

last week through Instagram

I wish I could write and tell you that my absence last week was due to something awesome and fun but.... it's not. Well not entirely. The first half of the week I was doing something awesome and fun! My husband whisked me away to accompany him on a business trip so we spent 3 days with some great friends down in Utah. We had a really fun time and it was a nice break.

photo (39)
Neil and I on our way to the airport – backseats are empty! Well, except for the carseats we forgot to leave for Grandma and Grandpa. Woops.

photo (40)I got to spend 3 days with this beautiful lady!

photo (43)Too bad our husbands weren't quite so charming. Seriously. 

photo (42)First lunch stop: Happy Sumo, mmmmmmm in my belly.

photo (41)Fun in Logan, UT. This is it people. This is it. 

photo (44)We were finally able to attend a session at the Salt Lake City temple. LOVED it. 

  photo (54)photo (53)
It is hard to believe this beautiful temple was built by hand. 

photo (45)photo (46)
Having fun in Vegas…. well at least at the airport in Vegas. Fruit & Nut bars are my favorite yet I didn’t purchase this one for $11. What I should have done was more than pose with that slot machine and I could have won the $11 to pay for it. Darn, too late. Ah well, it would have only lasted me the flight home anyway. (That's not a joke....)

We got home and a day later the plague hit our house. Rigby has been throwing up for days and Porter has been miserable with an earache. It would appear we are being punished for our enjoyable time away. Boo hoo.

photo (47)A pile of dirty laundry created by one little man in just one evening. Poor baby couldn’t keep anything down.

photo (48)photo (52)
Poor sick unhappy little boy. Finally getting some rest.

photo (49)
As much as I hate my boy being sick I’m not going to act like I haven’t enjoyed the extra snuggle time this week has brought.

photo (51)
AND…. for the first time in days I actually did my hair and makeup and I actually left the house. Off to church and back home to clean up more messes. Tell me the end is near. Ack!

It was a great and terrible week, heavy on the great. :)

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  1. So sorry about the sickies...SO funny you forgot to leave carseats! Glad you got a getaway and your song was great yesterday :)

  2. That was an awesome blog--lots of great pictures! I loved it--do it every time!!


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