April 11, 2012

the power of music

When it came time to decide what I wanted to do after high school I seriously considered a couple options. My love of makeup and beauty impelled me to want to attend beauty school or go into cosmetology. I contemplated that route for a while but could never make it feel right. Since I was a small child I have loved old people. It was that love and adoration for the elderly that won over and I knew my calling was to work with seniors. I attended a 2 year program at the local college and graduated with a diploma in Therapeutic Recreation, specializing in gerontology. Although I am now a stay at home mom and haven't worked in the Therapeutic Rec field for 6 years (gasp, has it been that long?!) I still consider myself a Rec Therapist and I still think of those seniors every day. I treasure the life lessons I learned from those special people and all the fun we had together. I hope one day I'll be able to enter the field again to use my skills and love to improve the quality of life for the seniors around me.

When I saw this video floating around facebook yesterday it touched me for two reasons: my love for the elderly and my love of music. I understand and appreciate the power of music and seeing it's influence used so appropriately is very emotive. In my own experience I have seen residents who could not recall the day of the week or the name of a familiar face remember lyrics and sing along to songs they loved in their life. On some occasions 'singing' was the only form of speech some residents used.

The other thing that touched me about this video is the title itself, "Alive Inside." Because someone doesn't appear cognizant or can't articulate their thoughts does not mean they are not vibrant inside. Seeing a spark of reality was something that delighted me more than anything when working with certain residents. We have no idea what the mind is capable of when the body has lost it's abilities. Such special people.

Enough of my emotional rambling. Please watch the video, whether you love music and old people or not I think it's something you will find touching.

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  1. Meech, this was awesome and touched me very deeply. Of course, you know it made me cry! It also brought back memories of all the old people you touched with your sweetness and love for them; and I shed a few tears for them, too.
    I am so proud of you and your special gifts!


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